Entrepreneurship & Skills Development Programme

UNIDO’s Rural and Women Entrepreneurship (RWE) Programme contributes to poverty reduction through entrepreneurship development programmes- with a focus on rural development and gender equality.

Individual entrepreneurs are a driving force for competitive MSEs as a growth base. However, the policy and institutional framework needs to be conducive to entrepreneurial initiatives. Human capabilities and the right institutional framework are necessary conditions for entrepreneurship to flourish, particularly in rural areas. Therefore, the essential elements in this Programme are to create a business environment that encourages the initiatives of rural, young and women entrepreneurs and to enhance the human and institutional capacities required to foster entrepreneurial dynamism and enhance productivity.

The RWE’s Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Programme focuses on:

Strengthening the public administration to make the regulatory and administrative environment more conducive for rural, young and women entrepreneurs.

Human resource development for increased competitive entrepreneurship, technology absorbing capacities and women’s control over asset management.

Development of the policy advocacy and the collective self-help capacities of rural, young andwomen entrepreneurs.

The RWE Programme consists of three thematic areas: Rural Entrepreneurship Development, Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Development, and Creative Industries Development.

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